UniTemp RSS-210-S Reflow Solder System

Vacuum Reflow Solder System

The RSS-210-S Reflow Solder System is a very compact and easy useable tool for the use in laboratories and clean rooms as table top unit. The chamber is vacuum sealed and equipped with a viewing window. This allows the view control of the soldering process. The unit is standard equipped with a Mass Flow Controller for the process gas.

The reflow solder system is perfect for the following applications:

  • flux-less soldering
  • flip chip process
  • adhesive bonding
  • solder bump reflowing
  • encapsulation of housings
  • soldering of power devices
  • heat treatment of semiconductor wafers
  • prototype development
  • quality control

Technical Data:

  • heated area: 210 mm x 210 mm (= model RSS-210-S)
  • chamber height: 60 mm (optional up to 80 mm)
  • viewing window with 60 mm dia.
  • Mass Flow controller for Nitrogen (5 nlm)
  • vacuum atmosphere up to 10exp.-3 hPa (KF16 connector)
  • temperature up to 400 °C (optional up to 500 °C)
  • ramp up rate:      better 240 K/minute
  • ramp down rate:  better 120 K/minute
  • SIMATIC© process control with 50 programs and 50 steps each
  • 7″ touch panel
  • water cooled chamber (controlled and watched)
  • electrical connection type: 230V, 9 kW or 115V, 7 kW
Options and accessories: 
FA IFormic acid module (separate module, not integrated) with Mass Flow Controller
FA IIintegrated formic acid module with Mass Flow Controller
FA IIIintegrated formic acid module with shared Mass Flow Controller
MFCadditional Mass Flow Controller (max. 2 pcs)
RSS-EHChamber height 80mm instead of 40mm
RSS-H2Hydrogen Module: for using 100% Hydrogen incl. gas line with Mass Flow Controller
RSS-H2SSafety device to prevent uncontrolled emission of Hydrogen
RSS-ILInterlock mechanism during operation
RSS-TC Additional thermocouple (max. 3 pc)
VAC IBasic Vacuum up to 3 hPa, incl. vacuum sensor and valve, excl. pump
VAC II Comfort Vacuum up to 10E-3 hPa, incl, vacuum sensor and valve, excl. pump
MPMembrane/Diaphragm pump for vacuum up to 3 hPa
MPCChemical resistant membrane pump for vacuum up to 3 hPa
RVPRotary vane pump for vacuum up to 10E-3 hPa with oil filter
WC IClosed loop water cooling system

Download (information):  RSS-110-S, RSS-160-S and RSS-210-S