High performance, accurate, flexible, reliable equipment’s for precision electronic industry

JFP Microtech Die Bonders

  • MPS Mini-Place-System Very light Epoxy Die Bonder solution
  • PP-ONE Manual placer Multipurpose platform for pick and place
  • PP6 series; It’s the most versatile semi automatic Pick & Place platform
  • PP7 series, 3 Dimension Die Bonder

JFP Microtech Rework Stations

  • Manual Eutectic Station GG600: The gas-Gun eutectic station fulfill request for versatile soldering, eutectic, reflow of required in micro-electronic field.
  • The PP6 Rework Station is a complete solution semi automatic Flip-Chip and flexible rework platform

JFP Microtech Scribers

  • Scribe Model 100 is easy to use for singulation components for up to four (4”) inches
  • Scribe Model 200 is easy to use for scribing components up to an eight (8”) inch wafer
  • S-200 Scriber Breaker/Sorter (Model SBS 420): The Breaker Sorter is easy to use for scribing components on up to an eight (8”) inch wafer.

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