Dr. Storage Baking Dry Cabinets

How to use Baking dry cabinet to reset floor life?

According to J-STD-033B.1, Table 4-1, using T40W series cabinet is able to reset the floor life of a component and it is also able to prevent destruction and oxidation of component from heating. Compare to traditional high temperature oven, baking dry cabinet has become the mainstream equipment in baking components. When the heating function is turned off, it becomes an ultra-low humidity dry cabinet.


  1. Dehumidifying rate is 2 times the rate of regular dry cabinet.
  2. Could be used as ultra-low humidity dry cabinet without heating.
  3. Users do not need to remove the components from the carrier and it can save a lot of human cost, energy and time.
  4. Use only 1/4 of the energy comparing to the traditional oven.
  5. Alarm function is included.

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