RSO-200 Reflow Solder Oven

Note: VPO/VSS/RTP and RSO series are SPS/PLC based

Download (information): RSO-200


UniTemp RSO-200 Reflow Solder Oven

Reflow Solder Oven Technical Data RSO-200:

  • Loading area (max. part size): 200x170x40mm (WxDxH)
  • Quartz glass process chamber (fix mounted), incl. graphite susceptor
  • with integrated gas- in- and outlet
  • 1 Mass Flow Controller für Nitrogen 5 nlm is standard
  • heated by 12 Infrared lamps ( 9kW)
  • bottom heating
  • vacuum for external pump system (up to 10exp.-3 hPa, optional RSO-200-HV up to 10exp-6 hPa)
  • SPS (PLC) controller, SIMATIC
  • 50 programs with 50 steps each storable
  • 7″ Touch Panel for comfortable programming and process control
  • Ethernet interface
  • Max. Temperature: 650 °C
  • Ramp up rate: better 10 K/Sec
    Ramp down rate: T=600°C to 400°C max. 200 K/min
    T=400°C to 100°C max. 30K/min
  • Temperature control by thermocouple
  • Cooling: Water cooling required (option)
  • Electrical connection: CEE 16 A (3x230V, 3 Phase, +N, +PE)
  • Weight: about 55 kg
  • Dimension: 505mm x 504mm x 460mm
RSO200 Options and accessories 
RSO-200Basic unit
RSO-GTGraphite tray with cover
RSO-MFCAdditional gas line with mass flow controller (max. 4 gas lines)
MPMembrane pump for vacuum up to 10 mbar with manometer
MPCChemical Membrane pump for vacuum up to 10 mbar with manometer
RVPRotary vane pump for vacuum with oil filter up 10exp3 hPa
RSO-FA Formic Acid Option
RSO-H2Module for using 100% Hydrogen including one mass flow controller
RSO-H2SSafety device to prevent uncontrolled emission of Hydrogen
RSO-PC-200add. 200mm oven chamber ("double-chamber oven")
RSO-TCadd. thermocouple for measure on device (plugged in chamber)
WC IIIClosed loop water cooling system (stand-alone)

Download (information): RSO-200