Yield Engineering Systems (YES) designs process control equipment used for precise surface modification, nanolithography imprinting, surface cleaning and thin film coating and many other fields.
In the navigation bar, we’ve listed some typical applications for our equipment. But if you’ve got something else in mind, just let us know. It’s pretty standard for customer requirements to drive our new product development. Meeting the needs of innovative process engineers is our passion, and our business model, for more than 30 years.

Polyimide Cure/Bake/Anneal

BCB Cure
Benzocyclobutene (BCB) is used to create photosensitive polymers, which require fewer processing steps than dry etch materials.

Copper Anneal
Annealing is a heat treatment where the microstructure of a material is altered, causing changes in its properties such as strength and hardness.

Dehydration Bake
Vacuum bake at high temperature to ensure elimination of surface moisture.

Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging
Fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) uses mold compound to embed various functional dies.

Low-k Dielectric
Complete dehydration of porous low-K material poses a major challenge to process engineers.

Polyimide Cure
Polyimides are high temperature engineering polymers utilized by semiconductor manufacturers for their excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

Surface Modification

Vapor Phase Deposition
Vapor Deposition is a process widely used in the semiconductor and biotechnology industries for the deposition of a thin film of various materials.

Copper Capping
When copper is annealed some of its molecules want to diffuse into the dielectric; unfortunately, this diffusion reduces the insulation and degrades mechanical and thermal properties.

Silane Coating
For MEMS device packaging, a hydrophobic coating reduces stiction, the undesired static friction that wears down devices.

Adhesion Promotion
Consists of modifying surfaces to encourage bonding between unlike materials.


Through years of partnership with MEMS companies, YES understands the challenges of MEMS device manufacturers. YES offers established processes and proven tools to assist the industry with applications needed to be successful.

High Vac/MEMS

High Vac/MEMS
When creating a high-reliability MEMS package, it is imperative to have complete moisture removal prior to hermetic sealing the package.


Resist Strip
In wafer fabrication, photoresist is used to transfer a circuit pattern onto the wafer.

Resist Descum
Removing residues (scum) from a substrate through gentle plasma cleaning is known as descumming.

Organics Removal
Oxygen plasma etching is an effective treatment for “burning off”, or bombarding, organic residues left on wafer surfaces due to resist cross-linking or polymerization.

Wirebond Preparation
After hybrid manufacturers stick the IC chip to the ceramic substrate, it’s baked to cure the epoxy.

Plasma Cleaning
The use of plasma is an effective way to clean without using hazardous solvents. Plasma is an ionized gas capable of conducting electricity and absorbing energy from an electrical supply.

Photoresist Treatment

Resist Adhesion
YES introduced a process now commonly known in the semiconductor industry as vacuum bake/vapor prime, a key step in the front end processing of silicon chips.

Image Reversal
This process reverses the action of positive resist so negative images can be formed with the same resolution and processing ease that a positive resist allows. What’s more, image reversal allows variations of the slope of the photoresist sidewall for higher resolution and/or lift off profiles.

In the silylation process, HMDS reacts with the oxide surface and forms a strong bond to the surface. At the same time, free bonds are left which readily react with the photoresist, enhancing adhesion.


Polyimide Cure for Wafer-Level Packaging (Redistribution Layers)

YES equipment enables precise surface modification–surface cleaning, process curing, and thin film coating. Depending on your need, surfaces can be super water resistant (hydrophobic) or adhesive (hydrophilic).

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