High Precision screen printer for large substrates VS2025

Printing area up to 800 x 600 mm. Special fixture for flexible substrates. Roll-to-Roll automation.

Standard Features

  • Double squeegee head for the use of metal squeegees or rubber squeegees
  • Squeegee drive actuator with DC motor and very smooth movement of the printing head
  • Printing mode: Contact, Off Contact, Single Print, Double Print, Print & Flood, Delay after Print
  • High precision and repeatability for fine-pitch and fine-line printing
  • Motorized squeegee with programmable printing pressure and down stop
  • X–Y–q adjustments by centesimal micrometers
  • Motorized and programmable screen lift movement (Z axis) for the function “slow snap–off” very important on fine line printing
  • PC control, Windows SW with menu programming of all printing parameters, diagnostic, data storage
  • Screen holder and printing head lift for easy set up and cleaning



  • Vacuum fixture for thin foils hold down
  • Holes metallization or holes filling
  • Clima control
  • Vision system
  • Automatic stencil cleaning
  • PCB or foil cleaning station
  • Roll-to-Roll printing
  • Automatic handling system

Download (information):  VS2025