Magazines & Cassettes

Magazines can be made from extruded Al, stainless steel panel construction, or light-weight hybrid designs with high strength plastics. Stainless steel magazines are often used for thermal processing applications where the entire magazine and contents are transported, thus the use of openings to ensure thermal equilibrium is rapidly achieved.  We maintain a full range of standard magazines and cassettes in inventory. Magazines, often called cassettes, are designed to optimize product handling, yet provide ease of use for operators at assembly sites. Combined with Auer boats and handling systems, process throughput becomes a predictable manufacturing variable. Auer magazines support a broad array of package types standardized upon Auer boat dimensions. TO-Tapes are also supported in multi-channel configurations.

AUER Magazines

We maintain a full range of standard film frames cassettes in inventory.
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AUER Film Frame Cassettes