SmartParts Classics

At FASTechnologies, drill room efficiency is our business. Our products eliminate scrap before it happens. Now you can monitor and increase your drill room performance, detecting problems before time is lost and money wasted.

Smart Part Classics

  • Automatic feeds & speeds
  • Reduce setup Time
  • Control of how a job is actually run
  • Automatic peck drilling
  • Advance post processing
  • Process CNC program per machine
  • Improves drill room efficiency

Automate all operator inputs

  • Feed & Speed tables
  • Machine offsets (G93)
  • Special machining – slots, circles
  • Tracking – Machine specific ID & operator ID
  • Implements process changes immediately
  • Pecking commands

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it do?

  • SmartParts automatically fine-tunes your CNC drill and rout programs, as they’re being downloaded to your CNC drillers and routers.
    By automatically managing all feed and speed parameters.

Solve process problems?

  • SmartParts “knows” the spindle speed capabilities of each machine. You tell SmartParts what type of job each part number is by adding one simple command to each part program. When a drilling machine downloads a part program, SmartParts adds the correct feeds and speeds (and hitcounts and Z-offsets, etc) parameters for that job running on that machine. So, with SmartParts, every job always runs with the right feeds and speeds.
    SmartParts even solves the problem of running special tools like slotting drills or short-fluted drills with different, special parameters. This surpasses the capabilities of even the most sophisticated new CNC’s. With SmartParts, this works on every type of machine.

How does it work?

  • SmartParts works like an advanced post processor server.
    It runs on the same platform as the UltraServer computer, connected to your CAM network and your company Database(s). For each CNC download, your DNC requests the part program from SmartParts. SmartParts reads your standard, archived CNC program, modifies it for the requesting machine, and sends it to the DNC system.

What else does it do?

  • A lot, from drilling machine ID’s into every panel to variable-cusp slots.
    SmartParts offers numerous process improvements. One good example is drilling either coded or plain-text labels into each table load, identifying the machine, operator, time, and date that the load was drilled. This is great for tracking down problems caused by the operation of an individual machine.
    Another SmartParts productivity-enhancer is its variable-cusp nibbled slot algorithm. With SmartParts, you can specify how smooth or rough you want your nibbled slots to be. Rougher slots plate better and drill faster, while some customers prefer the smoothest slots they can get. With SmartParts, you can specify a different edge finish for each slot, and the slots run equally well on older and newer drilling machines.


  • SmartParts eliminates all manual data preparation!
    SmartParts can completely prepare laser drilling programs for the Hitachi Mark-20L controllers. This includes complete control of fiducial placement and style directly from the CAM system. It includes automated laser recipe selection from your own data and processes. It includes all positional offsets and orientations. In short, SmartParts makes your laser drillers a “pushbutton” operation.

View the spec sheet: SmartParts