C920T – Screen-Stencil Printer for Cylindrical Parts

This special design of the standard Mod. C920 uses a patented “syncro motorized chuck / print – head” for printing on cylindrical parts 6÷40 mm diameter up to 300 mm length.

The applications are Thick Film screen printing of tube Heaters, Sensors, Components.


With tools for cylindrical printing 
Tube diameter6 – 80 mm
Tube length10 – 300 mm
Printing speed50 mm/s (average)
Scanner speed: ScanLab Mod. Hurryscan
Screen size12″ x 12″ up to 21″ x 21″Keyboard with trackball, Windows 95/98
Theta adjustment± 3° on the screen
Max Print Area350 x 400 mm
Max Substrate Size450 x 450 mm
Max Squeegee Width400 mm
Screen size540 x 540 mm
Carriage Repeatable± 0,02 mm
Squeegee and Screen Parallel± 0.02 / 100 mm
X-Y Adjustment25 mm
Z Adjustment (Screen Height)10 mm
Theta Adjustment (Rotation)± 3° on the chuck
Print Stroke50 – 400 mm
Squeegee Speed0 – 300 mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure0 – 12 kg
Dimensions1100 x 1350 x 1500H mm
Approx. Weight400 kg
Compressed Air5 Ate 25 L/min
Power230 V 50 Hz 4A

Download (information):  Model 920T