Fine-line screen printer VS1520A mark III

The series VS screen-stencil printer uses highly advanced mechanical and electronic solutions to guarantee superior quality in fine-line printing of Thick Film, Solar Cell, LTCC, PWB, Wafers, Glass, Metal and many other applications.

The Automatic Vision System ensures resolutions better than 2 microns. All the machine’s movements are motorized and programmed by an user friendly menu.


  • The new very intelligent head on high precision slides represents the latest state-of-the-art design with motorized and programmable axes for fine teaching and adjustment of parameters.
  • High sensitive squeegee for fine-line printing, low pressure, constant angle, no vibrations.
  • DC motor driven head allows smooth movement and precise speed & stroke adjustments in both directions.
  • Configurable head, single squeegee, double squeegee, squeegee and flood blade.
  • Motorized and programmable screen Z axis for screen height and slow snap-off function – very important for fine line printing.


  • The machine is PC controlled and allows a great deal of flexibility on all functions.
  • Touch screen monitor with user friendly interface.
  • Print and flood, alternating print and after print delay.
  • Programmable printing speed, printing pressure & downstop, screen snap-off.
  • Machine diagnostic.
  • Machine hood & parts lifting and locking. Setting up, and all parameters controls & storage.

Work table

  • High precision fast linear motors. Alignment on the X-Y and Theta axes with 1 micron resolution for a perfect alignment between screen and substrate.
  • Substrate hold down by vacuum, pump included. Vacuum detector for substrate presence and chamber sensor.
  • Are available special fixture and chuck as porous plates for green tape, wafers, ceramics or universal table for PWBs.


The Vision camera is mounted on a X axis with linear motor. The movement on this axis and the movement of the table in the Y-axis cover the complete substrate area. This allows to look at the fiducial marks, the vias or a pad wherever they are placed on the substrate.

A special optic and IR lighting system is integrated in the TV-camera assembly. Room lighting or PCB colours no longer influence the reliability of the vision system.

The vision system is PC based with a very advanced software for easy teaching and automatic adjustment of all parameters and values.

Download (information): Aurel-VS1520A