YES-VertaCure (fully automated)

YES-VertaCure (fully automated)

YES-VertaCure (fully automated)


The YES-VertaCure automated, high temperature vacuum cure series of ovens is designed for today’s most advanced MEMS and semiconductor process applications. Whether it’s for proper curing of polyimide in Wafer-level Packaging (WLP)/ Redistribution Layers (RDL) applications or annealing copper in an advanced semiconductor device, the YES-VertaCure helps achieve total environmental control to increase yields and extend device performance. The production proven platform incorporates the laminar flow technology for low particle performance using the technology of the YES-PB series. It accommodates 200 and 300mm wafers with two or four load ports and a wafer handling robot inside an integrated Class 1 mini-environment. Up to 100 wafers are loaded into a stainless steel cassette-type rack on the oven chamber door and, when loading is complete, lifted up into the vacuum chamber.

The system can accommodate a variety of processes needed to successfully cure a variety of materials, such as:

  • Polyimides
  • PBO (Polybenzoxazoles)
  • BCB (Benzocyclobutene – Cyclotene)
  • Epoxy “hybrids”

System Benefits

The YES Vacuum cure process offers 5x less outgassing than atmospheric cure processes, which allows:

  • Excellent electrical and thermal performance
  • Excellent high temperature warpage performance
  • No outgassing
  • Reduction in the number of particles
  • Shorter process time
  • Less Nitrogen used
  • No trapped solvent
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Fast ROI

 The oven is ideal for your Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging needs.  Read more about FOWLP here.


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