UniTemp RSS-110-S

UniTemp RSS-110

UniTemp RSS-110-S

Mini Vacuum Reflow Solder System
The RSS-110-S Reflow Solder System is a very compact and easy useable tool for the use in laboratories and clean rooms as table top unit. The chamber is vacuum sealed and equipped with a viewing window. This allows the view control of the soldering process. The unit is standard equipped with a Mass Flow Controller for the process gas.

The reflow solder system is perfect for the following applications:

  • flux-less soldering
  • flip chip process
  • adhesive bonding
  • solder bump reflowing
  • encapsulation of housings
  • soldering of power devices
  • heat treatment of semiconductor wafers
  • prototype development
  • quality control

Technical Data:

  • heated area: 110 mm x 110 mm (= model RSS-110-S)
  • chamber height: 40 mm (optional up to 80 mm)
  • viewing window with 60 mm dia.
  • Mass Flow controller for Nitrogen (5 nlm)
  • vacuum atmosphere up to 10exp.-3 hPa (KF16 connector)
  • temperature up to 400 °C (optional up to 500 °C)
  • ramp up rate:      better 120 K/minute
  • ramp down rate:  better 180 K/minute
  • SIMATIC© process control with 50 programs and 50 steps each
  • 7″ touch panel
  • water cooled chamber (controlled and watched)
  • electrical connection type: 230V, 1.6 kW or 115V, 1.2 kW

Options and accessories

FA I Formic acid module (separate module, not integrated) with Mass Flow Controller
RSS-EH Chamber height 80mm instead of 40mm
RSS-H2 Hydrogen Module: for using 100% Hydrogen incl. gas line with Mass Flow Controller
RSS-H2S Safety device to prevent uncontrolled emission of Hydrogen
RSS-IL Interlock mechanism during operation
RSS-TC Additional thermocouple (max. 1 pc)
VAC I Basic Vacuum up to 3 hPa, incl. vacuum sensor and valve, excl. pump
VAC II Comfort Vacuum up to 10E-3 hPa, incl, vacuum sensor and valve, excl. pump
MP Membrane/Diapgraghm pump for vacuum up to 3 hPa
MPC Chemical resistant membrane pump for vakuum up to 3 hPa
RVP Rotary vane pump for vacuum up to 10E-3 hPa with oilfilter
WC I Closed loop water cooling system
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