The Productronica 2021 will take place in Munich, November 16- 19, 2021. Preliminary, the following of our suppliers will be present with machines, equipment etc.. NOTE: Ulf Berghman will be at the exhibition from Tuesday late afternoon until Friday morning. You can contact him at: 0046 70 594 4230





ASM Pacific Technology. introduce their Model AEROCAM Series, a New Dimension of Wire Bonding – ASM is today the industry leader in Automatic Bonding and assembling equipment and systems.

Hall A3 Booth 377

Contact: Patrick Van Asch will be at the booth for your assistance. 

AUREL Automation is specialized machines for material deposition and creation of precision-patterns. Screen stencil printers, laser trimming, handling for printed circuit board. Dryers and ovens furnaces for automatic production lines.


Contact: as of today Aurel will not have booth at the exhibition,

JFP Microtechnic
Very new is the Model PP400 semiautomatic and PP400M manual Die Bonder, (however not shown at the exhibition, but could be discussed at the booth).

Hall B2 Booth 331

Contact: François Palomares and Didier Magne,
JFP will show their Model PP5-6 Flip-Chip die bonder and PP-One, manual die placement,

Dr. Storage
This N2 saving cabinet is designed to control the filling of dry air into the cabinet, so the desired relative humidity in the cabinet can be reached. 

Hall A2 Booth 504

Contact: Olivier Weeger
Dr. Storage  will exhibit their storage products by W-Tech, who is the French agent for Dr. Storage,

Thermal Process ovens for laboratory and pre-production requirement. Hotplates/ workstages (workholders).

Hall A4 Booth 109

Contact: Dr. Christopher Curran and Astrid Birkner
UniTemp will exhibit their new Model RTP-200 a Rapid Thermal Process Vacuum oven with high vacuum for one single wafer up to 200mm (8″) diameter,

Yield Engineering
YES design/build high temperature vacuum cure ovens, CVD systems and plasma etching tools used for precise surface modification and thin film coating.

Hall B1 Booth 145

Contact: None from YES will be present.
YES, is exhibiting at the booth of John P. Kummer GmbH.

Welcome to Productronica 2021