YES Process Management Software System

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YES Process Management Software System


Yield Engineering Systems (YES) offers multiple software data collection options to increase visibility and control of your process.

The process management systems we offer are designed to make detailed data collection easy and real-time monitoring allows you to quickly react to process upsets.


Several benefits of a Process Management Software System are:

  • Quick response to process upsets
  • Access to historical data to study and improve process strategy
  • Detailed reporting
  • Improved efficiency
  • View process data in real-time
  • Store process data


  1. Data Acquisition (YES-DAQ Series) – This program was created by YES to specifically coincide with our tools. Standard data collection and network options are available. YES provides the PC Server preloaded with software and user interface (UI).
  2. SECS/GEM – SEMI E5-0308 and SEMI E30-0307 compatible host communications and remote tool control are available as an option for YES-PB Series vacuum ovens.

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