Download (information):  YES-G1000LMC

The YES-G1000LMC™ is designed for uniform cleaning of fully loaded lead frames and carrier born devices. The system utilizes a low plasma generation frequency (40 kHz) to reduce chamber and product heating sometimes caused by high frequency (13.56 MHz) systems. As a result, YES-G1000LMC is ideal for cleaning even electronically sensitive devices.


  • Less process time—devices remain loaded on magazines
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for electronically sensitive devices—no CV shift
  • Choice of 3 plasma cleaning modes
  • Flexible chamber configuration
  • Easy touch screen PLC control

YES-G1000LMC is specifically tailored to hold two open-sided magazines (although more may fit depending on size), and the chamber is easily configured to accommodate different sample sizes and contamination levels.

System Design

Low Frequency
YES-G1000LMC uses capacitive RF plasma generation. Using low frequency plasma (40 kHz) reduces parasitic capacitive reactance losses for more efficient plasma generation (see plasma cleaning).

Plasma Generation

Plasma is generated between active trays and grounded trays or chamber walls. Horizontal plasma flows over stacked samples within the magazine. The YES-G1000LMC may be used with one to four plasma generation cells. The RF generator has variable power and a variable matching network so that system operation is load independent.

YES-G1000LMC offers three mild anisotropic plasma modes. Plasma direction can come from both sides simultaneously, left to right, or right to left. By changing positions of the slide-in electrodes, the system can be easily configured for the following modes:

  1. Electron Free/Downstream Mode
    Used for cleaning sensitive electronic devices prior to wire bonding. Product is in a cassette that is floating outside the plasma generation volume. Plasma passes through a grounded tray to the product, balancing the charged species to limit surface charge build up.
  2. Active Mode
    Used for etching and surface modification prior to bonding applications. Product is on a cassette that is grounded inside the plasma generation area.
  3. Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Mode
    The most aggressive plasma for surface modification applications. Product is in a cassette that is active inside the plasma generation volume. The electrical field at the product’s surface increases ion collision energy.

Three plasma gas inputs are provided for quick selection of an appropriate single gas or a two-gas sequence (such as oxygen followed by argon), depending on contamination chemistry. A “backfill gas” input is also provided so the chamber can be vented back to atmospheric pressure in an inert atmosphere (typically nitrogen) at the completion of your process.

Chamber Configuration

The YES-G1000LMC’s parallel plate chamber configuration ensures consistent plasma cleaning throughout your magazine. The chamber accommodates two open-sided magazines.

System Options

  • Data acquisition
  • Fully Fomblinized vacuum pump
  • Oil filtration system (needed for Fomblin® oil pump when corrosive gases such as SF6 are used)
  • Dry scroll pump
  • Mass flow controllers (MFCs)
  • Ethernet communication